Winning at A9play Gambling – Rules For Gambling Success

Gambling is a big industry. Even in times of economic recession worldwide, bookmakers still thrive. Because most gamblers are not disciplined, don’t know how to follow rules, and have a hard time controlling their emotions, this industry continues to thrive. While it’s not easy, there are simple steps you can take to transform yourself from a loser at the bookmakers to a successful player.

1- Establish a separate and financially sound betting bank

Gambling is an addictive pastime that can result in huge losses and debt if it’s not taken seriously. It is important to only place bets that you are able to afford. It is easy to remove stress from your life by setting aside an amount which, if lost, will not cause you any concern. The bank can be treated the same as money you set aside for personal and social events. You may even see a return.

You can also break down your bank into points for betting. If you have 500 points in your bank, 500 points could be created. You would state that 1 point will go on bronze confidence wagers, 3 on the silver and 5 for gold. Or, you could prefer a percentage. Both are acceptable as long as you have a sensible, controlled, and clear banking structure. This will ensure that you don’t fail for too long.

As part of this step, you need to be realistic about what you consider successful. A 500-bet betting bank is not going to turn into a million in a matter of days. It is important to be realistic and have sensible goals.

2- Keep records

Gambling must be taken seriously. You need to act efficiently and in a controlled manner. It is important to keep track of every bet you place. It is easy to use a spreadsheet for this purpose. Excel excel is the best tool for this type activity. Excel allows you to easily break down your data and see where you are heading. Although you have the freedom to create headings or columns as you wish, the minimum you should have is:

  • Date – The date at which the bet is placed
  • Selection – What you should be betting on
  • Amount – the amount you are willing to wager
  • Odds – The odds you have been given
  • Categorization: The type of bet. This could include a system name, or a categorised description.
  • Profit/Loss = your total return
  • Comments – Notes for future analysis


3: Study

Unless you have the good fortune to be close friends with an insider, relying on others’ word or a tip is essentially guessing. The rule of study states that every time you enter a bet into your spreadsheet, you must have justification and a clear understanding of why it is being placed. If you are unable to study the statistics/conditions and categorically know you are placing a bet for the right reasons, you should not be betting in the first place.

It is not acceptable to place bets without doing thorough research on the events you are interested in. The rule of study is fundamentally important. It means finding the right materials, understanding the results, and taking enough time to get to grips. You can sum it up by saying that you cannot study without knowing the facts and will ultimately lose a9play online.

4 – Know your chances and get the Value

It doesn’t matter how many gambling choices you make, the price you pay must be worth it. This is just like shopping. You know exactly what you want, and you know its value. If it doesn’t have the right price, you wont purchase it. You should follow the same rules. If you’re not able get the odds that you desire, don’t back it. Ever!

While deciding what the right odds should be is an art, it is also something that you must be able to do well in gambling. Let’s summarize the rule: If you don’t know the odds of winning, how can your gambling spreadsheet be improved?

5 – Hunt for the best chances

It’s called penny-pinching, and the difference between 1/2 to 4/9 is huge in the context of a successful gambling professional. There are many resources available to compare all prices. It is not worth putting your trust in one company or another betting shop if you want to win at gambling. After you have decided on a place to bet, and compared the odds, you can see the value in taking the time to compare prices to ensure you get the best deal.

There are many betting exchanges and online bookmakers that you should check. It is fine to open multiple bookmaker accounts if you feel the need. They will often give you free bets, and also provide additional funding for your betting account.

6 – Trust your studies

You are human to doubt yourself. However, if rule 3 has been followed (study), you can be confident that your selection is correct and justified. If you have done your homework correctly, there are many doubts that can creep in to your mind. It doesn’t mean that your study failed. These are the times when you will succeed most. Your strategy will outperform the rest and you will win long-term.