Tubidy Making A Profitable Media Site

You can publish tutorial videos, home videos, or both. However, it is possible to pay a high price for them to be published on the internet. Video, especially high-quality videos, can take up significant bandwidth. I was charged $400 for exceeding bandwidth usage on one of my video sites Tubidy. I then stopped publishing videos. Consider the following factors when selecting a host to host your videos: Unlimited bandwidth, 100+ Mpbs internet connection, price and permission to host them.

Many sites offer unlimited bandwidth through dedicated servers (servers that are only available to one site). However, the connection may be 10 Mpbs (20 Mbps) or something in between. My site crashed when I tried to sign up for a dedicated server with 10Mpbs. I lost many customers. It was extremely demanding to have bandwidth and speed as I receive over 2000 unique visits per day. While hosting sites have plans that offer unlimited bandwidth, streaming videos and music are not permitted due to excessive bandwidth usage. There is no unlimited bandwidth. Hosting companies would have to pay a lot of money to maintain their businesses. “Unlimited Bandwidth”, is used to attract customers that don’t plan to create sites with video and music.

Hosts that offer connections of at least 100 Mpbs should be considered. For an average media site, 100 Mbps should suffice. Hosting costs will rise if you have a strong connection. Hosting companies may limit the amount of bandwidth they offer to dedicated servers that can host videos or music. If you have the funds to invest, you might consider dedicated servers.

Ask the host before you sign up to host your media content. Hosts may have virtual servers (servers with more than one site), which are very fast. However, they can disable, delete or suspend your site from their server if you use too much bandwidth. A media site can be very difficult to make and is expensive.

IICInternet.com has a lot of features that allow you to host any type of content. Their current offer is unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and 1000 Mpbs connection at $39.99 per month. This is an incredible deal. They have hosted my sites for me and I have been with the company for over two years. They don’t have the best support team, but if you are an expert in web site creation you will be fine.

My experience has led me to two solutions that are ideal for those who don’t want to worry about bandwidth or speed. YouTube.com, MegaUpload.com ( site has been shut down). YouTube requires you to upload your videos in mpg or avi format. You must have director’s permission to upload videos. Your videos cannot exceed 100 MB in size or be longer than 10 minutes to be published. Directors have no restrictions on video size or length. So, it’s a good idea to apply to become one. You should make your site first, then apply for a director’s profile. It is free and completely risk-free.